"JULIA X 3D is as impressive a 3D film as any we have seen. The story is one of the most uniquely intertwined blends of horror, suspense, action, and comedy and the action lends itself perfectly to the 3D format"--Wild Bunch Germany's Marc Gabizon

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Second Screening of Julia X 3D

We're happy to say that our second screening of Julia X here at Fantastic Fest was also sold out! 

The crowd laughed, moaned, and covered their eyes at the "crazy meets crazy meets crazier" cast of the film.
Kevin Sorbo, our "stranger" was in attendance along with our director P.J. Pettiette, one of our producers Claudie Viguerie, and stereographer/ DP Jason Goodman.

Kevin took time to meet a self proclaimed "life long" fan!

The crowd was eager to get their seats for the sold out showing!

Packed house for the 12:15 showing of Julia X 3D.
The crowd loved seeing Kevin Sorbo in attendance!

 Kevin Sorbo, Stereographer/ DP Jason Goodman, Creative Director at Alamo Drafthouse Henri Mazza, and director PJ Pettiette at the Q&A session after the film.

We had a lot of fun today with the second screening and the press junket afterwards.  
Thank you to all of the press and fans for being such a wonderful audience and thank you Fantastic Fest 2011 for being such wonderful hosts!
We're having an awesome time!

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