"JULIA X 3D is as impressive a 3D film as any we have seen. The story is one of the most uniquely intertwined blends of horror, suspense, action, and comedy and the action lends itself perfectly to the 3D format"--Wild Bunch Germany's Marc Gabizon

Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet and Greet at the HighBall!

We just had a great meet and greet with Kevin Sorbo via skype at the HighBall which has been a great asset to Fantastic Fest! 
Kevin, who has been a little under the weather, wasn't able to make it to Austin today, but is eager to get here tomorrow morning for the 12:15 screening of Julia X 3D!

The audience was filled with press and fans.  Some who have seen the film and some who are anxious to see it tomorrow, but all who had questions for Mr. Sorbo our resident "stranger".

We have more clips from the meet and greet with Kevin to post later!
We're getting ready for our screening tomorrow at 12:15! 
Have you seen Julia X 3D yet? Get your tickets early...they wont last!

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