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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fantastic Fest Interviews!

Julia X 3D is proud to announce that our North American premiere at Fantastic Fest was AWESOME!! 
The Alamo Drafthouse (where FF2011is being held) is probably the coolest movie theatre ever.
As you're enjoying the great horror/thriller movies at the festival, The Alamo Drafthouse provides amazing food and (our favorite) DRINKS! 
We want to send a quick "thank you" to everyone who made our North American premiere go so smoothly! 

But wait, we're not done yet!
Tomorrow we'll be having our very own Kevin Sorbo here at the festival for our second screening! 
Can't wait!
In the meantime, we have more interview clips from our director PJ!

Come back for more fun updates and interviews with the cast and crew!

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